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ProSmart: Home Automation System

GlobalTech is a Pioneer in Energy and Demand Side Management Solutions assisting Commercial and industrial consumers and Power distribution companies to:

  • Increase Operational efficiency and improve productivity
  • Optimize the cost of energy
  • Help identify and reduce Losses

Pro-Smart is one of these types of devices which helps in energy conservation. It is a device with a complete energy intelligence platform for Commercial and Industrial Consumers.

It aids in the monitoring and control of energy usage. It optimizes both the cost of power and the performance of the equipment. It eliminates inefficiencies and leakages.


This device can generate up to 30% energy savings as well as operations & maintenance savings and deliver a 6 – 18 month payback.


  • Pro-Smart AEMS
    • Comprehensive Wireless Energy Management System for Power, Flow, Temperature, Humidity etc.
  • Pro-Smart Meter+
    • Cost-effective wireless power monitoring system for industrial and commercial consumers.
  • Pro-Smart ET
    • Energy Trading monitoring and power purchase optimization tool for customers with multiple sources of power
  • Extremely low cost
  • Wireless and cloud-hosted system
  • Cross-platform support
  • Accurate and secured data
  • Automated reporting
  • Advanced alerts system and notification