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Company Profile

One of the fastest-growing businesses in India is GlobalTech(India) Pvt. Ltd., which offers product development and IT consulting services. Along with clients in India, we also have clients in the United States, Singapore, Israel, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. In order to grow our operations to a global scale, we consistently strive.


In the areas of robotics, the Internet of Things, and image processing, we are the top providers of product development. Additionally, we provide a full variety of services in the areas of artificial intelligence through installation, development, training, and support. We also offer business intelligence tools and CRM software solutions. We offer expanding businesses throughout the world premium on-site and remote consulting services that have a meaningful impact, and a competitive edge. GlobalTech currently works with clients in a variety of nations, including the United States, Canada, Singapore, Israel, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and many others



Mil Standards

Space Standards

Industrial Standards

Medical Standards


Domain Industries 

Embark on a journey of groundbreaking innovation and customized excellence across a spectrum of industries. From industrial control and automotive to wireless, healthcare, multimedia, and beyond, our expertise extends to every corner. Experience the future with us in:

Industrial control/application
Automotive and Logistics
Wireless and Telecom industries
Healthcare and telemedicine
Multimedia Engineering
Mobile Application and Gaming
Aerospace and Defence
Smart Home Automation