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ProSales: Customer Relationship Management System

ProSales is a web-based CRM solution that delivers powerful customer relationship management capabilities. ProSales comprises Sales, Activities, Workplace, Reports, Administration, and Marketing. It includes sales, marketing, activities, and flexible customization. Order administration, fulfillment, and financials are all fully integrated within the platform. It gives you real-time visibility into your customer lifecycle—from lead to close to fulfillment. It is easy to use and customize. It offers analytics tailored to the needs of the user and is simple to integrate with the system and email settings. It helps in boosting performance by True 360-degree Business Visibility.

  • Sales: Managing Customer List.
  • Activities: Helps in Multitasking and effective communication.
  • Base/Settings: Helps in determining workflow in the organization.
  • WorkPlace: All the Modules are easily customizable according to need.
  • Reports: Helps to manage Hierarchy of contact person.
  • Marketing: Helps to manage leads, their source, and the person responsible.
  • Administration: Keep Records about different companies and business units under an organization.