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The ProSYS FPGA USB board is a low-cost, high performance FPGA board suitable for prototyping and production through to OEM volumes. It’s ideal for data acquisition and processing and FPGA development work.

ProSYS motion control solution consists of
(1) 5-Axis Motion Control Card.
(2) Isolation / Buffer board.
Isolation board provide optical isolation between inputs and outputs.

(1) Automobiles & Automation [CNC & Laser Cutting Machinery]
(2) Embedded Training
(3) Process Control & Robotics


ProCAM converts analog video stream into digital format for processing inside a PC. The design is scalable to take Video feed from 1 to 16 cameras. It interfaces with PC using PCI bus. The Pro Cam card generate bitmaps in all popular color formats such as RGB, YUV, planar or packed.

It captures color or monochrome individual frames as well as video sequences directly to pc memory.

(1) Video surveillance and industrial applications
(2) Supports any image format to high quality hardware scale
(3) Jitters figure in the nanosecond range


ProTRACK is a state of the art GPS(satellite) based vehicle tracking system, comprising hardware and software.It gives us the exact idea of location, speed, fuel status and provides many more vital reports. OTA Firmware Upgradation can also be done to the device.

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ProCELL is a Cell Tower Management System which will be fitted at every Mobile Tower Room and CTMS will send continuous data to Server via GPRS. CTMS will receive command from server through GPRS and accordingly instructions will be sent to different equipment. CTMS will also monitor Total Load on all BTS and set temperature settings of Air Condition intelligently to optimize Energy consumption. OTA Firmware Upgradation can also be done to the device. Know More


ProSMART is a zigbee based home automation system.Together this powerful product package can offer the property management and design the ultimate in home automation synergy and energy conservation for their clients. It is an all round solution from a single source delivering home automation, secure property entry facilities and automatic gate systems that give property managers and residents comfort, security and convenience across all these home automation functions.


ProDRIVE is DSP based stepper Drive delivers excellent high speed performance with extra smoothness at lower price. ProDRIVEs are able to drive 2-phase or 3-phase stepper motor from NEMA8 to NEMA42. ProDRIVE also provide over voltage, over current and phase error protection. ProDRIVE gives best performance with ProSYS and it doesn’t require any software to operate.

(1) Support Supply Voltage up to +48 VDC.
(2) Programmable output Current up to 3.7 A.
(3) Programmable microsteps up to 51200 step/rev.
(4) Pulse Input Frequency up to 90 KHz.
(5) Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes.


ProSALES helps you to automate tasks, improve workflow and focus on creating and capturing opportunities. It drives sales force performance and profitability by giving you everything you need to sell your product or service faster, easier and smarter.


Contiki is a Business Intelligence system providing complete solution for all data processing stages in order to build views and reports according to requirements. It is a comprehensive software for building BI models with OLAP Technology:

(1) Data Transform and Integration tools
(2) An environment for Cleansing, Arranging and Storing Data
(3) KPI builder and OLAP cube builder
(4) Various reporting options on screen and on hard copy. Know More

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