PCB Design Services


GlobalTech established in 1999 by Two Technocrats.
1200+ Man Years of Experience.
More than 500+ Projects Completed.
GlobalTech expertise in PCB design technology.
GlobalTech offer services to Global customers through Global Business model.
50+ well experience engineers are expert in PCB design and they like to do very complicated work.


Since more than 15 years.
Team of experienced and dedicated PCB Designers working throughout 24hours x 7 days.
Expertise on PCB Designing tools like PROTEL, PCAD, ORCAD, Allegro.
Single sided / double sided / multi layer up to 16 LAYERS.
SMT ( fine pitch, micro-BGA ) / - high density.
Micro-via technology / blind and buried vias.
High speed design / RF design.
Analog design - power supplies.
Audio equipment experience (power amplifiers, etc.).
Fabrication and assembly services available.
Component library creation and maintenance.


Max. Design Layers: 32
Max. Connections: 30,000
Min. Trace Width: 4Mils
Max. BGA on one PC Board: 16
Max. Chip Core Frequency: Dual, 800MHz
Max. PINS: 40,000
Min. VIA: 8Mils
Min. Trace Spacing: 4Mils
Min. BGA PIN pitch: 31Mils
Max. BGA PINS: 1,428