5-Axis Motion Control Card

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ProSYS : 5-Axis Motion Control Card

ProSys is the Flagship product of Globaltech(I) Pvt. Ltd. ProSys is a 5 axis FPGA USB Board, available at very low cost and with high performance. It is highly suitable for prototyping and production through to OEM volumes. It’s high speed USB Interface( 480 Mbits/sec) makes it ideal for data acquisition and processing and FPGA development work. It is a multi-axis board with simultaneously start/ stop ability.


ProSYS motion control solution consists of

5-Axis Motion Control Card.

Isolation / Buffer board.

Isolation board provide optical isolation between inputs and outputs.

Applications of ProSYS:



Laser Cutting


Diamond Cutting / Engraving

Computer Numeric Control

It has the ability of Easy interfacing to any stepping motors, DC servo, linear or rotary motors. It consists of 47 General Purpose I/Os to interface. It has a Dedicated I/O interface for PEL, MEL, ORG, ALM and can support up to multiple cards in one system.