5-Axis Motion Control Card

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ProSYS : Motion Control Card


ProSys is the Flagship product of Globaltech(I) Pvt. Ltd. ProSys is a 5 axis FPGA USB Board, available at very low cost and with high performance. GT Galvo card version has below features:


USB 3.0 with 5 Gbps Superspeed

Pulse, Direction, Home Sense, Alarm Sense, Positive and Negative End Limit, Software Limits, High Speed Limit for individual Axis

Home, Alarm and End limit logic control through software

Positive and Negative End Limit, High Speed End Limit control through software

Adjustable speed, acceleration time and deceleration time

2 Axis and 3 Axis Interpolation, Any two axis circular or arc Interpolation

Supports XY2-100 Protocol in Galvo

Galvo Speed Control, Galvo Movement Status

Buffer mode command for Axis movement, Digital Output, Delay

On-the-fly speed change or position change

8 Digital Input and 8 Digital output

Analog Output and PWM output