GPS Tracker


ProTRACK : GPS Tracker

ProTRACK is a state of the art GPS (satellite) based vehicle tracking system that gives us exact idea of the Location, Speed, Fuel Status and other vital information required to manage any vehicle. This real time vehicle tracking system provides you with up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including text or email alerts as well as detailed vehicle information in any of your devices, as required. It is highly useful in the situations where one needs to keep a track of vehicle information such as vehicle or driver name, ignition status, vehicle speed, location, total travelling route, directional heading map and many other important data. ProTRACK GPS tracking device is ideal for small business owners, parents or in any industry where real-time tracking of any valuable item is necessary.

Features :

Smart and real time tracking

3D Acceleration and 3D Gyroscope

Water Proof IP67 case & Shock and Vibration Proof

Data Storage up to 90 Days

SMS/USB Configuration facility

Customised alerts and notification facility

Control and Support available :

Vehicle and Driver details

Ignition On/Off Control & Alarm system

Remote output control

Towing Alert

Door locked/unlocked alert

Alert on Feul Theft