Embedded Projects

Projects Accomplished

Digital Printer : Photolab

Automation For Gold/Silver/Copper/Tin Plating For PCB

PWM Based Multi DC Motor Controller

Bluetooth Protocol

Sony LCD Controller Panel

Control Panel For Sony LCD

Digital Flash Gun

Multi Stepper Motor controller And Driver

PCI Express BUS Interface

LCD Touch Panel

TFT LCD Driver Card

Ultrasound & Inclination Sensor Based Controller For Pavers

PCI Bus Interface For Multi I/O

Software Projects

Projects Accomplished

AIDA - Administrative Internet Distribution Application

4MRP - Matrial Management Planing

DMS - Debtor Managment System

Net Gazar - Bandwidth Manager

PCB Planet - BPO Entrprise Solution

IOMS - Integrated Online Management System

Intelicoll - Document Management System

e-HRMS - e-Human Resource Management System

DISPO - An ERP For Moving Company

SMS - Security Management System

FMS - File Management System

IMS - Inventory Management System

TEK MIS - Tek Tronics Management Information System

The PCBshop - A Customized ERP for PCB Manufactures

MyCSIL - Web Base Sales Management System